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How to Get Better Gas Mileage in Mcdonough

2022 Chevrolet Bolt EV on Street

Whether you’re driving a new or used vehicle, you’re bound to be looking for new ways to improve gas mileage. There are a lot of voices and a lot of advice out there, but what can Forsyth drivers do to practically improve their gas mileage? At Bellamy Strickland Chevrolet Buick GMC, we’ve created this quick guide to help you better understand ways to improve your gas mileage when driving around Griffin. Learn more about how to get better gas mileage below!



How to Improve Gas Mileage: Three Practical Ways

  1. Schedule Regular Car Maintenance: Scheduling regular maintenance on your vehicle is the best way to improve your car’s gas mileage over the long term. Having broken connections, dirty spark plugs, and clogged air filters can negatively affect your gas mileage. Keeping up on your maintenance schedule will make sure you’re taking care of any small problems before they become larger ones, giving you the benefit of better gas mileage while also properly caring for your vehicle. Don’t skip over on your oil changes and tire rotations. Regular maintenance is the most practical way of improving your gas mileage.
  2. Keep Your Tires Inflated:When it comes to ways to improve your gas mileage, tires often come to mind first. Underinflated tires can increase your fuel consumption and wears down your tires faster, a bad combination for gas mileage and your safety as a Hampton driver. Be sure to check your owner’s manual and the driver’s side of your vehicle to see the recommended PSI for your tires. Again, keeping up on a regular maintenance schedule will help keep your tires in great shape.
  3. Have Good Driving Habits: Immediately accelerating and braking will affect your vehicle with wear and tear, as well as use up more fuel. City driving usually gets drivers lower MPG because of that stopping and going, but how you drive can further affect those numbers. Take your time when driving, and don’t speed up and brake for the sake of it. Many drivers develop bad habits that affect their gas mileage — and maybe even more importantly — contribute to greater wear and tear on their vehicle. Drive at or below the speed limit, and utilize cruise control when highway driving. You can’t control how others drive, but controlling how you drive will affect your gas mileage for better or for worse.

Learn More About How to Improve Gas Mileage at Bellamy Strickland Chevrolet Buick GMC!

Now that you better understand how to get better gas mileage on your Mcdonough drives, make sure your vehicle is getting the service it needs. Check out our parts and service specials today, and take advantage of our other service tips and tricks. We know you’ll find more great information to keep your vehicle in its best shape!


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